Computer Setup, Migration & Support

At Computer Lift in Portland Oregon, we know how strapped you are for time. which is why we offer computer setup, migration, and support. When you hire us to deal with the setup, migrating or supporting your computer, you can count on trained professionals to make the transition painless and seamless. That is why we’re considered one of the top computer support service providers in Portland, OR.

Computer Setup

New computers aren’t ready to go right out of the box no matter what brand you buy. There are always programs to install, updates to run, settings to change, and cables to run. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone who knew how to do all those things, would take the responsibility off your plate? Well that’s our job being a reliable computer and IT support provider!

Multiple Computers

Setting up computers can be especially daunting if you have a business that relies on multiple PCs. If you need all of your computers setup in a certain way, we can expedite that process for you. We can minimize the downtime that your business experiences and get you back online fast! We offer a cloning process to ensure that all of your computers are setup in the same way, which saves you time and money.

Printer and Scanner Setup

Every printer and scanner is different, which is a huge hassle. They require different sizes and types of ink or toner cartridges; they have different power needs and they interface with the network differently. Having a professional setup your printer or scanner can make a big difference in productivity. Let our IT support experts manage your device integration so you don’t have to.

Computer Migration

You have your computer setup in a certain way – you have specific programs, settings, and preferences that are unique to you and your workflow. When your computer has reached the end of it is useful life, and you find yourself having to jump to a new PC, let us migrate your setup to help you get back to work faster.

Email Migration

POP and IMAP email services can be clunky at best; often our clients would like to keep their email address while taking advantage of the auxiliary services that Google, Apple, or Microsoft Exchange ecosystems provide. If you would like your POP or IMAP email integrated or migrated into another mail service so that you can use calendars, contacts, and cloud features, just let us know and we will be happy to help!

If you find yourself having issues with servers, computers, network, scanners, or printers, give us a call right away at (503) 312-0512 or email us via contact form. We are also well-equipped to provide remote IT support!