Custom Built Computers in Portland, OR

At Computer Lift, we just love to tinker with computers, new and old. One of the many services that we offer in Portland, Oregon is custom building computers! The best way to get what you want out of a computer is to have it tailor-made for your needs. The components that we use in the custom built computers that we build are of higher quality than those of pre-built computers you would buy online or in a big-box store. By starting with these high-quality components, longer life is built into your computer from the start, and they will provide you with a better overall experience for longer.


The best part about having Computer Lift build your custom computer is that we can make it fit virtually any budget. If you are looking for something cost-effective, we can work with you to find out what you need in a machine, and we will make sure that the price point meets your budget. If you want to build your own PC to handle high-end graphic design software, or need something that can render VR (virtual reality), we can easily meet those needs as well. We offer basic workstations that will accommodate normal business needs. We also offer high-end gaming computers that can handle all of the latest and greatest games and software. We simply help you build a custom computer to fulfill your requirements within your budget.

Never Deal With Bloatware Again!

If you have ever purchased a PC online or from a big-box store, you have undoubtedly noticed how much extra software comes pre-installed on those machines. It’s one of the biggest downsides of purchasing a pre-built computer, all of the extra and unwanted bloatware and borderline malware that slows down the performance of your brand new computer. When you have Computer Lift build you a custom computer, we install zero bloatware. We even install the operating system of your choice.

Our Custom Built Computers are Easily Upgraded

We build all of our custom built computers with the mindset that eventually, even the best parts will need to be replaced. Because we keep that in mind on every custom-built PC, when it comes time for you to upgrade, just give us a call, and we can have a new part for you in no time. No more replacing a whole computer, one or two minor tweaks or upgrades and your old computer can be like a new !

Built By Hand in Portland, Oregon

We build all of our custom computers by hand and have for years. We take the time to account for airflow and cable management. When you commit to a custom computer made by Computer Lift, you can count on a high-quality, hand-crafted computer built by Portland locals. If you have brand preferences, let us know. We are happy to accommodate any special requests as long as the parts are in-stock.


When you build your own computer, we can even help you to set up your custom settings like:

·         Power saving profiles

·         Multi-Display preferences

·         Video Editing, graphics design, and 3D design software suites

·         Auxiliary system setup (Virtual Reality, Graphics Drawing Pads, etc.)

To get a free estimate for your custom built computer, call us today at (503) 312-0512 or email us via the contact form.