Secure Data Recovery Services

At Computer Lift in Portland, Oregon, we know that sinking feeling of realizing you’ve lost critical files or data, which is why we work so hard to keep our client's data safe. When your data goes missing, you can count on us to find a way to retrieve it for you. We can recover files from hard drives, NAS devices, flash drives, RAID systems, and even camera cards. We deliver fast, efficient, and secure data recovery services in the Portland, Oregon metro area.

Types of Data Loss

There are several different ways that you can lose data, so when we help you recover yours, our first step will be to determine how the data was lost, and what it is stored on so that way we can determine the best way to retrieve it.

Data Loss Due to Data Corruption

Sometimes an error will occur within your computer while it is trying to save a document or file that you are working on, which will cause data corruption. Data corruption will cause your data to be unrecognizable or unusable. Common reasons for data corruption are failing storage media, and physical trauma to storage media.

Data Loss Due to Physical Damage

Data that is stored on hard drives or thumb drives can be lost when those mediums become damaged physically. Some storage media are more sensitive than others. Common causes of physical damage to a storage media are flood, fire, and being dropped. This can be a tricky issue to fix without access to, and training in, clean room data recovery. In such hard drive recovery cases, the physical components that must be accessed to repair physical data loss are extremely sensitive and need to be handled in a controlled environment known as a clean room. At Computer Lift, we are happy to offer clean room data recovery service to our clients who have experienced issues with physical damage to their storage devices.

We are sometimes even able to fix damage to the casing of thumb drives where connectors have come loose! If you drop or otherwise damage your thumb drive, you may think that it is beyond repair - many times this isn’t the case at all. We specialize in repairing thumb drives where the USB connector has com free from the physical memory media.

Overwritten Data and Accidental Deletion

Everyone has experienced the dread that comes with realizing, “You’ve messed up!” Accidentally deleting data that you thought was saved somewhere else, or overwriting data that was critical – it's the worst! Fortunately, there has never been a better time to have a deletion accident than today. While the retrieval methods for overwritten data are still somewhat lacking, we have great ways to retrieve data lost by deletion. We have many ways to restore data that you think might be lost due to accidents, just give us a call and let us know what happened and we will let you know what the best way to recover it is.

Operating System and Software Failure

If your software or operating system fails, usually your data will be safe but accessing it will be difficult or impossible for you. We have a variety of tools available to us that helps us to access information that is otherwise lost.

Viruses & Ransomware

Today there are so many virus threats to data that you need to stay on top of protecting yourself with an anti-virus software like ESET, which we recommend to our customers. Many viruses can spread throughout your computer causing data loss and even spread to other computers or devices that are sharing your network. Even ransomware, which is a malicious program designed to take your data hostage in return for payment by you, can result in lost or corrupt data. Our data recovery experts always advise practicing safe surfing habits to avoid virus-driven data loss.

If you fear that you have lost critical data don’t wait – call Computer Lift right away at (503) 312-0512 or email us via contact form. We offer absolutely secure data recovery services in Portland, OR.