Laptop Repair

Here at Computer Lift in Portland, Oregon, we rely on our laptops quite a bit, so we understand that our customers do too. You need your laptop to be fast and efficient so you can be fast and efficient, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. We are specialists in laptop repair and can fix most problems having to do with laptop-specific slowdown and malfunction. We specialize in laptop hardware recovery and replacement and can even fix most issues having to do with data loss or corruption.

Common Laptop Problems

Laptops face an interesting array of challenges that lead to a wide variety of problems. Because laptops can be taken all over and placed just about anywhere, they face some unique issues with overheating. As a result of laptops being so mobile, lots of the parts on them that you interact with on a regular basis end up becoming worn or damaged. We can fix just about any problem that your laptop has, so make sure to give us a call and we will be happy to help whenever you need laptop repair service! Below you will find some of the most common issues that laptops experience.


If you notice that your laptop has slowed down quite a bit and that it’s often hot or warm, it may have a problem with overheating. Laptops that are frequently used on the bed, couch, or lap tend to pick up and store dust inside their case, making it hard for the components within to stay cool.

Broken Screen REPAIR

Because laptops are so small, they can be easy to miss. Frequently, a family member will step on a laptop and break the screen. Because they are often carried, they are sometimes dropped. Repairing a broken laptop screen is a job that is best left to professionals. We’re specialized in laptop hinge repair and fixing broken screens.

Laptop Power Jack

Laptops constantly are being setup and taken down, plugged and unplugged. Because laptops are so frequently handled, these connections and cords tend to wear down and break much faster than a regular computer. If the jacks or plugs on your laptops become worn or broken, we have the solution; soldering broken components back together is sometimes the only fix for issues like this.

Replacing or Upgrading Laptop Components

Just like desktop PC's, the components in a laptop can be upgraded or replaced if they are reaching the end of their lifetime. One of the most popular upgrades that we provide is swapping out the old hard drives in laptops for brand new solid state drives. Solid state drives are faster, quieter, and more dependable than their hard drive counterparts. Upgrading your laptop components can breathe new life into your old laptop!

Liquid Damage

Spilling a cup of coffee or soda on the keyboard of your laptop is more common than you might think. Sometimes this results in irreparable damage to the machine and other times it just makes the keys sticky. If you are having a hard time with the keyboard on your laptop, or if you have spilled something on it give us a call right away and we will do our best to restore it to working order.

No matter what your laptop related issue is, we can take care of your laptop repair needs! Give us a call today at (503) 312-0512 or email us via contact form.