Managed IT Services, Computer & Server Support

Computer Lift in Portland Oregon specializes in managing computers, servers, and systems remotely and directly. We take care of all of the complicated, or repetitive tasks that must be done to keep your systems up and running. We understand how much you rely on your systems to stay online and working for you around the clock, which is why we offer managed IT services to all of our clients.

Why ARE Managed SERVICES Important?

It’s fair to say that we rely heavily on computers and automated systems for the productivity of our business. Everything from online storefronts, printers, copiers, and software suites that employees need to be able to work throughout the day – they all rely on healthy systems. However, how do you facilitate a strong and reliable system? The answer is through constant IT service management and support. It can be hard to understand what your system needs to stay healthy and working hard for you, which is why Computer Lift offers managed services. Our IT service takes care of your systems so that you and your business can focus on what’s important!

What Happens Without Managed IT Support?

If you don’t use a managed IT support for your critical systems, you are taking a big gamble. Consider a maintenance schedule for your car – you bring it in for servicing at regular intervals to ensure that it will continue working properly and will keep you safe. If you stop servicing your car, something will eventually go wrong. Regular maintenance of your critical systems keeps them healthy and allows them to last longer, providing you with additional years of productivity and service, which saves you lots of money in the long run.

What We Provide

Here are just a few of the things that a managed services contract with Computer Lift can do for your business:

·         Monitoring for servers, workstations, and network appliances

·         Monitoring and installation of patches and updates for all devices covered

·         Managing and monitoring onsite and offsite data backups

·         Active security protection for all systems with monitored antivirus


When you commit to a IT service management and support plan with Computer Lift, you gain two things - peace of mind, and a committed team of experienced support professionals. We will build a support and maintenance plan that fits your needs to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. We will keep your critical systems updated and healthy so you can keep doing what you do best every day. Proactive support, we can often detect and resolve problems before you even knew there was one.

If you already have an IT department, you will save time and money by outsourcing your managed IT service and support to Computer Lift. We cost less per hour than any internal IT, meaning they can focus on the big picture while we take care of the minutiae. We focus on preventing problems from ever occurring because we understand that prevention beats a cure. We take a proactive approach to supporting your critical systems by:

·         Monitoring and updating systems

·         Protecting your data with system and network security

·         Offering detailed backup and recovery plans to keep your data safe

Automatic monitoring and resolution of common problems

Call Computer Lift today at (503) 312-0512 or email us via contact form, and to discuss your “managed IT” needs and get support for any of your critical systems!