Network Installation, Management, and Troubleshooting Services

Here at Computer Lift in Portland, Oregon, our goal is to help our customers achieve a fast, hassle-free connection that they can count on. We know that you need connectivity and uptime to get your job done, which is why we offer network setup and troubleshooting to both home and business clients alike. Whether you need help getting a router setup at home, or if you need your office online right now, Computer Lift is here to provide committed to future network management services!

Installation of Wired and Wireless Equipment and Networks

Whether you are looking for a wired LAN connection or a wireless WiFi network, we have the skills and resources to get you connected and online. We understand that everyone has different networking needs, so we make sure to connect with our clients to find out how they use their connections so we can build them a custom solution. Networks that we set up can help you achieve:

·         Sharing information and connectivity between computers and networked devices in your home or business

·         Surf the web on your phone using your WiFi instead of your data plan

·         Stream movies, videos, and music from the internet

·         Access your email from your phone, tablet, or computer

·         Play online video games

·         Print and scan using network printers

Installation of Network Firewalls

When the security of your connection is of the utmost importance, you should consider having a network firewall installed professionally by Computer Lift. A firewall will keep your network safe from even the most determined security threats.

Installation and Replacement of Routers and Switches

When your business relies on uptime, you cannot wait for a solution; you need it now! At Computer Lift, we understand how daunting it can be to have an expensive piece of network equipment that you need to set up. We specialize in setting up all kinds of network equipment so that you can get your home or business back online, and working for you. From professional Cisco routers and switches to Netgear home solutions and everything in between, we have your networking needs covered under our network management services.

Network Troubleshooting

“It was working just fine yesterday, but today it just stopped!” We hear this more often than you might think. So many times an issue will arise in your network for no discernible reason, and it will prevent you from getting online. We troubleshoot the problem as we are not just limited to network installation services. From hardwired issues with managed switches and routers to overlapping wireless channels, we can figure out what has gone wrong with your network and get it back online right away.

Fix and Install WiFi

WiFi is critical if you rely on laptops, tablets, and phones to get your work done and keep your cell phone bill low. It’s also a fairly tricky thing to set up correctly. It has a hard time going through solid objects like floors and walls, so setting up WiFi access points in central areas of the building is a good idea. At Computer Lift, we specialize in installing and diagnosing WiFi networks to maximize your coverage and keep your information secure. We can set you up with whatever password you would like and can even add additional layers of security to your Wifi or Wired network.

Call Computer Lift today at (503) 312-0512 or email us via contact form. and schedule an appointment for us to help you with your networking issues.