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Computer Lift, located in Portland, Oregon, specializes in managing your digital infrastructure as your dependable Managed Business IT Solutions provider.

We ensure seamless operation by maintaining computers, systems, and servers, both directly and remotely. We handle all the complex tasks required to keep your systems and operations running smoothly.

As your trusted partner in managed IT services Portland businesses value, we're committed to maintaining the optimal performance of your systems consistently, ensuring they remain optimized and operational.

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Leveraging Managed IT Services for Optimized Business Operations

Today's businesses are  heavily dependent on computers and automated systems for their productivity.

The performance of your business relies on the technology and software suites your employees use daily. We understand your productivity hinges on the dependability of your technology infrastructure. 

In order to uphold this technological backbone, constant IT systems management and support are essential.

With Computer Lift's proactive managed services, we carry the weight of maintaining and enhancing your systems and operations. This way, you can keep your attention fixed on what truly matters - running your business.

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The Unseen Risks of operating without  Managed IT

Functioning without the managed IT services Portland businesses trust for your vital systems is a considerable gamble. Just as a vehicle demands consistent upkeep, your crucial systems require it too. Regular system maintenance promotes longevity, ensures optimal health, and can lead to significant cost savings over time.

Cybersecurity and data loss risks are amongst the main threats that businesses face when operating without IT support. Cybersecurity threats are continuously evolving, and without a dedicated IT team, an organization may not be able to stay ahead of emerging threats or remediate the effects of a cyber attack once they occur. This can lead to vulnerabilities that cybercriminals could exploit, potentially leading to a data breach, system downtime, or other operational disruptions.

Without regular system maintenance and backups performed by an IT team, there's a higher risk of data loss. In the event of a system failure or a cyber-attack, this can lead to significant disruptions and costs related to data recovery, not to mention potential repetitional damage if sensitive customer data is lost or exposed.

Neglecting IT support may result in unforeseen financial and operational costs in the long run, making professional IT management a worthy investment.

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What Computer Lift Provides

A managed services contract with Computer Lift offers:

  • Server, workstation, and network appliance monitoring
  • Patch and update monitoring and installation for all covered devices
  • Onsite and offsite data backup and recovery management
  • Active security protection with monitored antivirus
  • System and network security to protect your data


Benefits of IT Service Management with Computer Lift

By committing to a managed business IT Solutions plan with Computer Lift, you're choosing the managed IT services Portland enterprises trust. Gain peace of mind with our dedicated team of experienced professionals. We create a tailored support plan to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. Our proactive approach allows us to detect and resolve problems often before you're even aware of them.

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Partnering with Computer Lift for Your Managed IT Needs

If you already have an IT department, outsourcing your managed IT service and support to Computer Lift can save time and money. This is where our managed business IT solutions come into play. We cost less per hour than internal IT, enabling them to focus on the bigger picture while we take care of the details. We emphasize preventing problems from ever occurring, understanding that prevention is better than remediation.

Don't leave your critical systems to chance. Call Computer Lift today at (503) 312-0512 or email us via our contact form to discuss your managed IT needs and get the support your business deserves.

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