Rapid Response, Seamless Recovery: How Computer Lift Brought a Client Back from a Break-In

When an unforeseen event like a break-in disrupts business operations, swift and effective action is crucial. As a leading provider of managed IT services in Portland, Oregon, Computer Lift has proven its ability to step up in a crisis. This case study explores how we ensured business continuity for a client after a break-in resulted in the theft of their computers and server.

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Our client, a well-known local business, was heavily reliant on their IT infrastructure for their day-to-day operations. Computer Lift was responsible for supporting their infrastructure, securing data backups, and managing their phone system.

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The Incident

One morning, our client arrived at their offices to find they'd been the victim of a break-in. Their computers and server, which housed essential business data, had been stolen. The event threatened not only their operational continuity, but also the security of their sensitive information.

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The Response

Upon learning about the break-in, the team at Computer Lift immediately sprang into action with a two-pronged approach aimed at ensuring business continuity and safeguarding our client's data.

Data Security and Recovery: Recognizing the potential for data breaches due to the stolen server, we promptly enacted our security protocols to protect our client's data. Thanks to our routine data backup systems, we were able to quickly restore all the crucial business data on new hardware, preventing any significant loss.

Infrastructure and Systems Restoration: While our client's physical hardware had been stolen, our team was able to swiftly rebuild their IT infrastructure. Using our cloud solutions, we minimized downtime and had their new systems operational quickly.

Communication Systems: Keeping communication lines open was essential for business continuity. We restored their phone system promptly, enabling our client to continue their business dealings with minimal disruption.


Despite the severity of the situation, Computer Lift's rapid response and data recovery protocols minimized the disruption to our client's operations. Within hours, essential systems were back online, and the client's business could continue functioning, even in the face of such a crisis.

In the days that followed, we worked closely with our client to rebuild their IT infrastructure while ensuring their business remained operational and secure. Our client could weather this challenging situation with minimal disruption, thanks to Computer Lift's thorough preparation and rapid response.

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This case study demonstrates the critical role of a reliable managed IT service provider in a crisis. At Computer Lift, we're ready to meet any challenge head-on, ensuring that your business can continue running smoothly, no matter what. With our headquarters in Portland, Oregon, we're here to provide the support and security your business needs, as we did for this client.

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