A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes: How Computer Lift Revitalized a Portland Business Post-Disaster

When the unexpected strikes, the true test of any managed IT service is its ability to swiftly recover, safeguarding its client's operations and data. Computer Lift, a leading provider of outsourced IT services in Portland, Oregon, demonstrated this capacity in the wake of a client's building fire. This case study tells the tale of how we ensured business continuity and restored critical data and communications for our client, despite a devastating fire.

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Our client, a prominent business in Portland, relied heavily on technology for their daily operations. As their managed IT service provider, we were responsible for maintaining their infrastructure, securing data backups, and managing their phone system.

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The Incident

On a day that started just like any other, disaster struck. A massive fire erupted at the client's building, consuming their physical infrastructure. The immediate outlook seemed bleak, with the potential for significant business interruption and data loss.

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The Response

Despite the destructive power of the fire, Computer Lift was prepared. Thanks to our comprehensive disaster recovery plan, our team jumped into action immediately. Our primary goal was to ensure business continuity while simultaneously recovering critical data and systems.

Data Recovery: Thanks to our proactive data backup protocols, we had recent, secure copies of all critical business data. We quickly initiated our data recovery process, ensuring that no crucial data was lost due to the fire.

Infrastructure Restoration: Although the client's on-site infrastructure was heavily damaged, our cloud solutions allowed us to swiftly restore their business systems. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure minimal downtime.

Communication Systems: To keep our client's business operational, reestablishing communication was crucial. We promptly restored their phone system, enabling them to maintain contact with their customers and stakeholders.


Within hours of the disaster, our client's essential operations were back up and running, all without any loss of critical data. Over the following days, we worked closely with our client to fully restore their IT infrastructure and systems, all while ensuring their business remained operational.

The client was able to navigate this crisis with minimal disruption, thanks to the proactive disaster recovery planning and swift action from Computer Lift. The fire that could have resulted in substantial data loss and prolonged business interruption only proved the resilience of our client and the dependability of Computer Lift's managed IT services.

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This case study highlights the vital importance of a reliable managed IT service provider. At Computer Lift, we pride ourselves on our ability to swiftly and effectively respond to crises, safeguarding our clients' operations and data. Based in Portland, Oregon, we provide the lift your business needs to rise above any IT challenge, just as we did for this client.Keywords: Managed IT services, Disaster recovery, Data backup, Communication systems, Business continuity, Portland, Computer Lift

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