Unleashing Business Potential:Enhancing a Client's Productivity and Revenue

Choosing to outsource IT services can be a transformative decision for a business. At Computer Lift, a Portland, Oregon-based managed IT service provider, we've seen first-hand how our support can fuel a company's growth. This case study explores how we empowered one client to boost their productivity and, in turn, their revenue, leading to a quick return on their investment in our services.

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Our client, a thriving local business, approached Computer Lift with a challenge. Their in-house team was spending too much time managing IT issues, hindering their ability to focus on core business operations and growth initiatives.

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The Solution

After a thorough assessment of our client's IT environment and business needs, we provided a tailored managed IT services package. Our team took over the responsibility of maintaining their IT infrastructure, including data security, backups, and their phone system, enabling our client to refocus on their core business operations.

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The Impact

With Computer Lift's support, the client experienced significant benefits almost immediately:

Increased Productivity: Free from the burden of IT management, the client's team was able to dedicate their time to what they do best, leading to a substantial boost in productivity.

Enhanced Focus: With IT concerns off their plate, our client could focus more intently on business growth initiatives and customer service improvements.

Boosted Revenue: The increased productivity and focus directly resulted in enhanced business performance. Within the first two months, the client reported a significant increase in revenue – enough to cover the entire year's cost of our managed IT services.


This case study is a testament to the transformative potential of outsourcing IT services. Our client's investment in Computer Lift's services not only paid for itself in just two months but also unleashed new levels of productivity and revenue growth.

At Computer Lift, we believe that by managing your IT, we're not just fixing computers – we're building the foundation for your business's success. Based in Portland, Oregon, our team is ready to help your company reach new heights, just as we did for this client.

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